For Scientists

How can I get a DOI for my research data?  

In Estonia, research data is registered by the DataCite Estonia Consortium member universities. The DataCite services are free of charge for the researchers of these universities.

Researchers of other institutions can get DOIs according to the price list.

Digital Object Identifier

Researchers should take the following steps:

    • Organise their data
    • Provide metadata for their dataset
    • Find a suitable data centre (subject-based or institutional)
    • Upload their data following the instructions
    • In case of questions or problems, contact the manager of the data centre

Additional information and special training are offered by specialists at member university libraries of by the UT Library as a DataCite member.


Metadata describe the data, or provide data about the data. Metadata can be administrative (publisher, the date of data creation, user rights, location), descriptive (title, author, keywords) or technical (software, version, formats, authentication).

The DataCite metadata guidelines divide metadata into three groups:

    • mandatory
    • recommended
    • optional

The larger the amount of metadata, the easier it is to find and interpret a dataset!

Description of mandatory and recommended metadata: