DataCite helps researchers in registering, finding, identifying and citing research data

DataCite Estonia

DataCite Estonia was formed to improve the availability and findability of research data created by Estonian researchers.

University of Tartu is the only Estonian member of DataCiteThe UT formed the consortium DataCite Estonia together with Tallinn UniversityTalTech and the Estonian University of Life Sciences. 


DataCite is a global network of data centres, universities and other research organisations, offering services and support to researchers, data centres, publishers and research funders:

researchers can find, identify and cite research data and other research objects;

data centres can get the persistent identifier DOI for their data sets;

publishers can link basic research data to articles;

funders can see the results and impact of the projects they have supported.

The DOIs, assigned to data sets and other research objects in cooperation with data centres, form an infrastructure which allows effective finding and citing of data. Access to the data is ensured and they are open for re-use. Cited data is a natural component of today’s research communication, creating new opportunities for considering and recognising research results.

Suggested reading: Jan Brase 10 years of DataCite – How it all began (2019)

Find Open Data

Search for data sets, software, images and other research objects in the DataCite register

Choose a Repository

Search for a suitable repository for storing research data and making it accessible

Citation Formatter

Tool that enables creating standardised references to data sets

The Ministry of Education and Research supports the DataCite Estonia Consortium with the aim of ensuring that all Estonian research institutions have the opportunity to make their research data more easily available to the general public.